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Player Registration

Each eligible player must be registered, through one club, on the appropriate B.F.A. form.

A player is permitted to represent ONE [1] club ONLY during a football year.

Each player shall be registered as either amateur or non-amateur, as contained in the special regulations of FIFA, governing the status and transfer of players.

All clubs and players are asked to note that the registration process is only complete when, if applicable, the transfer form and the appropriate fees are submitted to the BFA.

Identification Cards shall be issued to these players and officials. The cards are valid for one [1] year, remain the property of the BFA.

Team Officials and Players MUST carry their IDs at all games in which they are participating. These IDs must be presented to the MATCH COMMISSIONER, REFEREE and or SECURITY PERSONNEL when requested.

All team officials and players participating in Premier League Games must present their ID cards to the Referee, PRIOR to commencement of the game.

The referee shall withhold the ID cards of all players / officials sent from the field of play / bench during the game and shall return the remaining cards to the respective management officials at the conclusion of the game.

ID cards withheld as at above shall be submitted to the BFA Secretariat with the relevant Referee’s Report. Clubs are responsible for retrieving ID cards withheld from the BFA Office.

Players participating in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 must show their ID cards to the referee when requested to do so. A player who is sent off MUST surrender his ID card to the referee. Failure to do so will result in appropriate disciplinary action against the player and or Club.

All ID cards remain the property of the BFA and must be surrendered to the BFA when requested by the General Secretary or any other authorized person. There is a replacement fee of $20.00 for all ID cards lost or disfigured.


Where Clubs are desirous of having players who were initially registered in Division Two or Division Three, play in the Premier League, those players SHALL pay an additional fee of $ 25.00 to register as a Premier League player and SHALL be issued the appropriate identification card.

The BFA reserves the right to withdraw I.D. cards where abuse of the system, in any form, is ascertained.

Where Clubs participating in the Premier League do not have a team in a lower division, ALL players must pay the Registration fee of forty-five dollars [$ 45.00] each.

All registered players in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 SHALL be issued with the appropriate player ID Cards.

Each Club participating in Division 1 shall register a minimum of eighteen [18] players and five [5] officials, at a Registration fee of thirty dollars [$ 30.00] each.

Each Club participating in Division 2 and Division 3 shall register a minimum of eighteen [18] players and four [4 ] officials, at a Registration fee of twenty [$ 20.00] and thirty [$30.00] dollars each, respectively.

Each Club must set out on the appropriate form, the names of appropriate number of players, [ twenty for the Premier League, eighteen for the other Leagues ], clearly indicating the ELEVEN [11] to be seeded, for each division in which the Club participates. These forms, accompanied by the players’ registration forms, and the appropriate players’ and Clubs’ registration fees, must be submitted to the Secretariat, BFA, on or before the closing date for registration.

The BFA reserves the right to scrutinize and / alter the lists of REGISTERED and SEEDED players, at any time, during the football year, as is deemed necessary, and to inform the member Clubs of such determinations.

No player who is seeded in a higher division, shall be permitted to play in a lower division, unless such player has not taken the field of play for five [5] games played by the Club in the player’s seeded division.

Any player who is registered in a lower division, but starts in five [5] matches in a higher division, shall immediately be seeded in the higher division.

Completed rules are available for download here

Click here to download player registration form

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