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Empire looking to do well this time around

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After getting a bite at the cherry in 2016, Empire Club are back to make their mark in the Premier League. Winning Division 1 in 2015 and stepping up to the top tier the next year, Empire failed to impress and only spent one season in the league. However, they did not waste their time over 2017 and won Division once again to be bumped back up.

Head Coach Fitzgerald Carter, who was the Assistant Coach when the team first gained promotion in 2016, said that the 2017 campaign was not an easy one. “It is pretty exciting to be back at the top and it was challenging at first but we did well, the guys fought hard and we won the league. Congrats to the guys.” he said.

Leading the charge as Division 1 champions, the Bank Hall team will be putting their best foot forward and according to Carter, fans will not be disappointed. “Definitely we will be looking to play an attractive style of football. We have been training hard and working towards being able to maintain a place in the premiership and also to challenge for the title. At the end of the day, all of us are coming to play some tough and competitive football and all of the teams training and preparing for the league so I think it is going to be an exciting time in 2018 for BFA football.”

Getting a chance to taste the top tier in the recently-concluded Williams Equipment Preseason Cup, Carter said that the tournament was a good tool for teams. “The Preseason Cup was a very good idea. Personally, I liked the opportunity to see the players that I want to use and give some other players an opportunity to get a run-out. It was very good and I say kudos to the BFA for that initiative for having such a tournament.” he said.



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