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Girls get off to a good start

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The starting XI in yesterday's game against St. Lucia

After only getting together for the first time just last week, the girls in the Barbados Football Association's summer national programme camp have gotten themselves off the mark as they played their first game. With the association's Wildey Turf playing host to a St. Lucia national side, the Under-15 girls were able to break even with the visitors in a goalless draw yesterday evening.

Women's Under-15 Coach Richard Forde said that he is pleased with the performance given the inexperience of the team. “In our squad we have six or seven players who have played Under-15 already but the nucleus of the squad is new. We have a lot of players who are playing at the international level for the first time. They were good in areas at times, but I think that we still have some work to do on our positioning in terms of the midfield and our back line – we created too much space in that area.” he said.

With two more matches scheduled for July 23rd and 24th at home against Dominica, Forde said that the focus would now be on cleaning up some of the lacking areas in their game, however, he felt confident with what he had to work with. “Now our sessions will be positioning of the players, a lot of one-versus-one. And what I was impressed with also is the commitment that the players showed. They were determined in getting to the ball and showed a good fighting spirit. But sometimes when you play for the first time it can be a little daunting. Most of them were nervous and that was the biggest thing, but after a time they started to work through and the game evened out.”

Calling St. Lucia a formidable opponent for his first-time team, Forde said that the prospects for the future looked good. “I think St. Lucia was pretty good. They held the ball well and they made us work. We defended really well in and around the penalty box. Our goalkeeper was outstanding and she is about 4 foot. I am happy with the progress that the girls have made but I know that we can go much further.”

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