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Senior Men eyeing a second victory against USVI to stay on top Group A

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The Barbados Football Association’s senior men’s Tridents are looking to duplicate their efforts and resolve to once again defeat USVI in their return game in the Concacaf Nations League game tonight.

Following a 1-0 win against the Dashing Eagles at their Wildey Turf home ground on Saturday, the Tridents are ready to taste victory with only local names on the 19-man squad.

Head coach Russell Latapy said their destiny was now back in their hands after rising to the top of Group A in League C on the Concacaf table.

“Tonight (Sunday) is only one victory. There are still three games remaining and we’re going to keep our heads down. It’s just a reminder to the players there are still three games left. It’s a very difficult group. Our destiny is back in our hands. We don’t have to depend on anybody. If we win our games going forward then we would get to the next stage.

“I am happy with how things worked out on both sides with our game and the other game. It’s just a reminder to the players that we’re well on our way, keep both feet on the ground, keep working hard and I’m sure just rewards would come to us,” he said.

He also acknowledged they would be playing minus Israel-based Nick Blackman, he said that was one definite change he would have to make as and no other international player would be joining the squad. Additionally, Darico King would be looking to make his debut with the senior side.  

“We will get a feel for the players after [Sunday]. We’re going to travel with 18 or 20 players and everybody who is going to travel will have a possibility to contribute in a positive way to the team. I try to pick the team for every game based on what I see in training. Sometimes what we have is players might be coming back from a knock, they might be a little short on fitness or their understanding of their roles and responsibility is not quite there,” he said, adding that there was no position assigned to any one player.

 Meanwhile, USVI said they had been observing the Tridents and were ready to face them again.

“[On Sunday] we created some clear chances, where in the last Barbados game we hadn’t before. Today (Sunday) there was a lot more connectivity and organization between our team, so I think that they’re not afraid. We’re definitely not scared or anything like that, but we’re observing and we’re ready to adapt to the team that Barbados is bringing to us,” forward JC Mack declared.

SQUAD: Liam Brathwaite, Kishmar Primus, Zico Phillips, Jomo Harris, Darico King, Shane Codrington, Ackeel Applewhaite, Raheim Sargeant, Akeem Hill, Rashad Smith, Hadan Holligan, Omani Leacock, Armando Lashley, T-Shane Lorde, Rashad Jules, Mario Williams, Ricardio Morris, Nicolai Brathwaite.

OFFICIALS: Russell Latapy (Head Coach), Fitzgerald Carter (Assistant Coach), Nicola Yard (Medic), Ryan Brewster (Trainer), Adrian Donovan (Manager), Patrick Mapp (Equipment Manager).

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