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Capelli Championship Stage set to be action-packed

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The dice have been rolled and the final 12 out of 25 have been decided to head into the Championship Stage of the Capelli SuperCup.

First and second-placed teams have advanced to the next round, and with Weymouth Wales leading the pack on 12 points, things are set to heat up at the Barbados Football Association’s Wildey Turf when the action continues tomorrow night.

According to the tournament rules, teams were seeded based on the greatest number of points and their goal difference in all matches, as well as the greatest number of goals scored in all group matches before being placed into groups 1 through 4.

First out the blocks will be Ellerton and Pride of Gall Hill, while the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme (BDFSP) and Silver Sands will cap off the night, as they continue the battle for the grand prize of $50,000 with one lucky player set to drive off in a brand new spanking Hyundai.  

While Wales is heading the pack on 12 points, after amassing 17 goals in Group A, having played four matches of the qualifying stage, Ellerton will be a hard nut to crack. The Corey “Beenie Man” Barrow- led side racked up a whopping 20 goals in Group D, winning all three of their games, finishing the qualifiers on nine points.

Wales and Ellerton also have two prolific goal scorers each, the likes of Riverre Williams and Arantees Lawrence and Shakille Belle and Shaquan Clarke respectively, who all currently lead the scoring table on six goals apiece.

BDFSP and Paradise FC both have 14 goals under their boots, having won all three of their Group D and Group B games respectively, with Armando “Sugar” Lashley leading the pack with five goals to his name. However, if both teams intend to make it out of this stage they would need to put their heads down and have tighter and cleaner finishes.

Meanwhile, Norman Forde’s Youth Milan, who have had a great showing in this inaugural competition will be looking to keep their pace up having won two of their three matchups. They managed to dismantle Wotton (4-1) and Fitts Village (3-2) and came very close to getting the upper hand on Paradise, but were defeated 4-3 in the end.

UWI Blackbirds also have their work cut out for them, after being whacked 1-0 by Gall Hill in their Group C encounter to finish second. Teenager Niall Reid-Stephen leads the pack with four goals to his name, but they would have to do a lot better to get the upper hand on Notre Dame and Wales when they face them in this Championship Stage.

Empire, featuring the likes of Zinio Harris with six goals, will also be a force to be reckoned with. Coach Kenville Layne will be looking to pull out all the stops when they face Paradise in their first Championship game, but are expected to roll over Barbados Soccer Academy in their final Group 4 matchup.

Similarly, dark horses Silver Sands, who finished second in the Group A qualifying round with ten goals having beat Technique (7-0), Central League Spartans (2-0) and Brittons Hill (1-0), but losing 5-1 to Wales, are also a team to watch.

With Derrine Gale-Forde leading the pack with four goals, the Christ Church-based side will have their hands full when they go up against BDFSP and St Andrew Lions in this phase.

Moreover, the Barbados Soccer Academy will also have their hands full when they face Paradise and Empire. They too will have to work harder and tighten up their game after defeating Kick Start (5-0), drawing with Blackspurs (1-1) and being mauled 5-1 by BDFSP in Group E of the qualifiers.

All eyes will also be on the St Andrew Lions, who won two games and lost one in the qualifiers. Playing against Titans and Cosmos may have been a walk in the park for them, having defeated both teams 2-0, but Empire was trickier and they fell 1-0 to The Mighty Blues.

And while Christopher King led them through three solid games, he would have to come with new tactics to defeat BDFSP and Silver Sands in their Group 3 games in this stage.

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