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Concacaf 'B' License Coaching Course Attracts 17

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Participants with Concacaf instructors and BFA officials at the start of the Concacaf 'B' License Course.

At the end of this week, the Barbados Football Association (BFA) will have 17 more ‘B’ License coaches.

This after they complete the third pilot of the program, which will encompass theoretical and practical sessions, put on by Concacaf’s Coaching Education Program.

First Vice-President of the FA, Captain Al Walcott, told the cadre of coaches this morning, during the opening ceremony held at the Barbados Olympic Association, that this course was all in keeping with the KPAs of the BFA’s Strategic Plan.

“One of the key KPA’s (Key Priority Areas) we had for our strategic plan was coaching education. Over the years we have developed starting with the ‘D’ License. Through Concacaf, Barbados took the lead with the ‘C’ License and now we are here with the ‘B’ License, which as the TD (Technical Director) mentioned, we believe is a significant step towards the development of football in Barbados, and even in the region as the courses are done throughout the Concacaf region,” he said.

Captain Walcott also advised the coaches not to just do the course and celebrate passing by putting the certificate on the shelf, but to display what they learnt in the different clubs and at the national level should they become a part of that team.

Using a quote from American author Brian Herbert, Captain Walcott told the coaches: “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. The capacity to learn is a gift, so we all should have a gift of learning. The ability to learn is a skill, and skills are there for every one of us and we develop skills. Skills are like muscles; if you don’t develop it, then it will get weak and wasted. And the willingness to learn is a choice. Your willingness to learn is your choice for this week, but you never stop learning as a coach; you never stop learning as a practitioner; you never stop learning as an individual in the specific skill or specific discipline that you are pursuing,” he said.  

“Put the best effort forward for Barbados’ football, for club football and even maybe someday you would be sitting here to deal with the regional development of coaches to help football across the region grow in Concacaf and the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) arena,” he added.



Meanwhile, General Secretary of the BFA, Edwyn Wood, said the ‘B’ License was a continuation of the BFA's quest to ensure that Barbados had a cadre of qualified coaches.

“We are fortunate to be granted the second of Concacaf's 'B' License Courses ever. A few years ago when Concacaf introduced its licensing program, we pushed for as many courses that we can which now puts us in a prime position to benefit when the new and more advanced ones arrive.

“We have over 100 ‘D’ License coaches and close to 40 ‘C’ License coaches on the island. This will be a tremendous benefit to how our future footballers are trained, and how well the country as a whole does in football,” he said.

Technical Director of the Association, Ahmed Mohamed implored the coaches to continue on the path to developing the game in Barbados together.

“When I started here in Barbados, my main goal was to develop football. Without developing the coaches, you cannot develop football. This part here to me is one of the most important parts of being a coach. A ‘B’ License means for me . . . the first part of the professional football. Everybody has enough experience, everybody has enough qualifications. The 17 coaches that I selected mean that I am going to work with you all hand in hand towards the Premier League, the Women’s League, Youth Elite and National Program. I would love to see some of you getting some contracts outside of Barbados as well, but this is your football; carry this in your heart and be a good coach,” he advised. 

1 Comment

Steve Payne -

This is excellent. So much talent in this area of the world. Was there just a few weeks back at Richard Forde's academy and during a couple of sessions I worked with and saw lots of players with great potential.


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