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Motorcade draws awareness to Premier League

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A resounding success!

That is how President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA) Randy Harris described the motorcade held earlier today.

He was speaking at the end of the journey which was the local football fraternity’s way of attracting attention ahead of the start of this year’s Premier League season, which kicks off next Saturday at the Wildey Turf.

The motorcade, which saw players of the national teams, executives and sponsors take to the streets, touched the homes of some of the Premier League teams, as the players gear up to Kick for Cancer during this domestic season. 

Beginning at Deacons Hard Court, the entourage made the journey to the home of reigning Premier League champions Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme before journeying to Dover Playing Field, home of Paradise FC.

They went on to Ellerton where the players enjoyed a good scrimmage with some youngsters on the field, before touching Carrington Village, home of Weymouth Wales, ending the journey at Weymouth Sports Ground.

“We wanted to attract attention to the BFA so we reached out to the people to let them know. It worked out very well. It was the first time anybody stood by the side of the road to watch a BFA parade so I am very grateful. I think it served its purpose.

“Our National players enjoyed themselves and it was well worth it. It’s been a very exciting day for football. I think the motorcade attracted the kind of attention that we wanted and we were able to give the fans and general public gifts along the way,” he said.

Harris in thanking sponsors Courts Ready Cash, Nation Publishing, Starcom Network, Coca Cola and Hott 95.3FM said the FA needed all the support it could get, as he made a call for all stakeholders to lend their support.

“We want to carry the football to another level. All we really want to do is to ask people to help us with services and also to come and support the football. Your little $10 bill when you come to football on weekends can help us to have a football industry in the future,” he said.

He also implored the players to buy into what they were all trying to do for their betterment.

“The EPL and those professional leagues in North America didn’t start at the top. They had to start somewhere, but one thing for sure they had the support of the general public. And of course, our footballers have to realize that and support it first. We’re putting down platform after platform for their development and obviously now we want to move together to make this thing happen,” he said.

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