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Behind The Goal Lines: Nashton Browne

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National Under-20 goalkeeper Nashton Browne is aiming to be the top pick for the Barbados Football Association’s senior men’s team. But the "YouTube goalkeeper" is advocating for older heads to assist younger players like himself to become better at their craft.

Browne, 19, began his career as a defensive midfielder, but somehow always found himself in the bars.

“For some reason, every training session, I was always in the bar and I was doing it as a fun thing. There was a game and our goalkeeper didn’t show. I volunteered to go in the bar and from there it stuck with me,” he explained.

The long-standing Paradise player is currently on loan to the University of the West Indies Blackbirds, and last year he was on loan to Brittons Hill.

He has also played at both the Under-17 and Under-20 levels, after going through the youth level at Paradise as well.

“At first coming up as a footballer was kind of rough. We had no goalkeeper training and I had to train myself. Over the years watching YouTube, watching the older boys’ play and observing it has gotten better,” he said.

However, he said he believed the more experienced people should take younger players under their wings and show them the ropes.

“I only officially started goalkeeping training when I made the Under-17 national team. That is when I was shown the proper techniques of goalkeeping, footwork and everything that goes along with it. Before that I was a YouTube goalkeeper; everything I knew up till then I learnt from watching YouTube,” he said.

Browne a Manchester United fan, like many of his counterparts, also dreams of becoming a professional footballer, hopefully in the MLS. He has had a training stint in Washington on a showcase, which he said he thoroughly enjoyed.

“The intensity of the training overseas is a bit higher, but basically it is the same thing we do over here. I was able to keep up and maintain the same levels,” he said proudly.

The up and coming goalkeeper maintained he had no favorite footballer, but instead looked for traits in each player in his field which he admired.

“At first coming up I used to look up to former national goalkeeper Jason “Barbers” Boxhill, but eventually I started looking at all goalkeepers and realized there is something in everyone I admire,” he said.

Following the shutdown of all sporting activities as a result of the ongoing global CVOID-19 pandemic, Browne said he was happy to be back out after not being able to play football for almost four months.  

“Going back out to training I wasn’t expecting all the running, but it’s great to be back with the boys to interact and train and have people to push me more. Working with Coach Latapy has been great. He came in and changed the whole team. We’ve been going forward, making great progress and I hope it continues,” he said.  

As the fourth and “baby” goalkeeper in the line of national goalkeepers after Kishmar “Pop Pop” Primus, Liam Brathwaite and Dario Weir, Browne said he was learning all he could until it was his turn to stand in the bars at the senior level and represent his country.  

“I work hard every day and I am waiting on my opportunity to get that shot. Every training session I take in a little bit of everything from everybody. There are more experienced goalkeepers like Pop Pop and Dario Weir, but I came up with the Under-17s so I have some knowledge. Over the years I’ve been training hard, just waiting for the opportunity and I will be ready when it is my chance,” he said.


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