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More coaches grasp C-Licence opportunity

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COURSE PARTICIPANTS with (sitting from left) CONCACAF coaching instructor Joe Supe, chairman of the BFA’s technical committee Adrian Donovan, BFA vice president Captain Al Walcott and coaching instructor Marco Santillan.

BARBADOS will be a front-runner in coaching education as a result of the introduction of the CONCACAF B-Licence course.

That was confirmed by CONCACAF coaching instructor Joe Supe during the opening ceremony for the second CONCACAF C-Licence course on the island at the Barbados Football Association’s offices yesterday.

“Barbados is far ahead of everybody. Once we finish with the B course you’ll probably be the first to be recommended or implemented. You are ahead of Costa Rica now in terms of courses. They kind of stopped and lagged a little bit on the education part.

“When we started the programme four years ago we recommended that this country be one of the first to get access to coaching education because of your strategic planning, desire to grow and be better and you have done a wonderful job in achieving the strategic goals,” he said.

Apart from the 20 coaches taking the course, which started yesterday and runs until August 17, a total of 24 coaches took the first course offered, with 17 being successful.

Those seven unsuccessful coaches retook the course a couple of weeks ago and are awaiting results.

Supe said that what was observed at the regional level in the form of Jamaica beating Mexico at the Gold Cup was possible but it started in the mind.

He explained that there was a talented crop of players across divisions and they had a chance to be successful in the next couple of years.

Senior vice-president of the Barbados Football Association, Captain Al Walcott, said at the top of the list on the strategic plan, along with the improvement of facilities, was improving the technical knowledge of coaches and referees.

This will be further observed when a number of Barbadian coaches have the opportunity to be a part of the Regional Coaching Instructors Course here between September 19 to 22.

He admonished the coaches gathered that the certification was not to be hung on a wall and be forgotten but it meant that they were equipped with the knowledge to transfer it to others playing the game.

“Impart the knowledge in the right ways that the game should be played and be one of a high standard and players would understand and know what it is to become a good footballer.

“When you train the player if it’s a boy or girl, man or woman the player should have the right technical skills that someone scouting sees that player because you have done what you are supposed to do.

“Then that player can have the opportunity to go to college or professional football,” said Walcott.

CONCACAF instructor Marco Santillan explained to the coaches that it was hard work and they needed to pledge their commitment to ensure those looking up to them achieve their goals “through planning and good management”.

Adapted from nationnews.com


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