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Senior Women's team continue their dominance over Turks & Caicos

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BARBADOS WOMEN once again outplayed their Turks and Caicos with a crushing 9-0 victory at the Wildey Turf on Sunday.

However, the women from Turks and Caicos improved from Friday’s 10-0 drubbing, making their presence felt with some solid tackles in the first half-hour.

While Turks and Caicos were no match for the hosts, Barbados Football Association technical director Ahmed Mohamed said they used the opportunity to better their mistakes on field.

“I saw a totally different game than the first game. Our opponents were more willing than in the first game. In the first game we struggled a lot building up from behind, from the defence to the offence there were a couple mistakes.

Today there was more movement, more communication and the ball was running, they were more focused on the game today,” he said.

The match began with some tackles, strong offence and defence from both teams with Barbados not being able to convert their first goal until the 16th minute unlike the last game when they did in the fourth.

That goal came through Willandra Elliot, who got a header off a free kick from Gabriella Lopez with Shanice Stevenson following a minute later, converting a shot from the right wing.

At that point Turks and Caicos were still playing a reasonably good game but their keeper Olivia Graveley took a fall, an old injury decided to flare up after and had to be carried off the field on a stretcher.

Marissa King was outstanding, scoring two goals - the first in the 29th minute and the second during the four extra minutes of the first half.

A ball from Stevenson’s boot was sent into the right wing for Rianna Cyrus to convert in the 35th minute for Barbados’ fourth goal.

Though Turks and Caicos’ fight diminished in the second half, Guerline Hall must be commended for her attempts and enthusiasm on field.

However, she was often in the box on her own, and this made it difficult for her to convert any of her attempts.

Barbados’ Felecia Jarvis got the scoring started early in the second half after she managed to take a shot in the midst of a mix up in front of the goal bars.

In the 58th minute, Rianna Cyrus crossed the ball into the box for Moesha Goodman to take a right foot shot into the bars.

Tiana Sealey also picked up a goal in the 74th minute before Jarvis sent a shot from the left wing down to the right post for Barbados’ ninth goal.

Barbados assistant coach Shonelle Stephens added that after Friday’s match they wanted to correct their shortcomings and she believed they were successful in doing so in Sunday’s match.

Head coach of Turks and Caicos, Damien Grant, said the team was quite unlucky with the injury to their goalkeeper.

He added that he felt his team could have done better but they made a number of errors.


Adapted from nationnews.com

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