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Harris happy with new lights

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BFA Senior Vice President Capt. Al Walcott (left) and BFA President Randy Harris take their first walk under the lights at the Wildey facility.

The BFA President Randy Harris is beaming much like the new lighting system at the Barbados Football Association's Wildey headquarters. With the first half of the present phase being completed on Friday through the erection and connection of six lighting towers from Musco Lighting, the new system illuminated the state of the art turf for the first time the same night.

Unable to stop smiling from ear-to-ear, President Harris said that there were no words to describe his emotions after finally seeing years of work come to fruition. “There is no way really to describe the feeling. We were discussing this and negotiating the terms with FIFA from late 2012 and obviously, I feel like a little kid with a new toy, but I am really anticipating the full completion.” he said.


 With the current phase also including the installation of a brand new seating system, Harris said that things were on-stream and would be ready for the March 11th start of the Premier League. “This is all part of the dream. You can see that we are sparing no expense. We are dealing with the highest standards here at the field. This is another milestone in the the development of the whole facility. As we speak, the contractors are working to make the platform for the bleachers which is the other part of the project that will be ready by March and we eagerly look forward to the full completion of the facility. We re getting a lot of calls from teams both from North America and Europe to visit the Caribbean and we want to be able to have the facilities that can accommodate matches at the highest level and that is what we are aiming for at this time.”

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