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National Youth Cup to get off the ground this weekend

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Thousands of the island's youth players will be on show for the next few weeks.

With the Barbados Football Association's 2018 season already well underway having seen the Williams Equipment Preseason Cup and start of Division 1 this week, thousands of the island’s best young players will be on show when the 2018 National Youth Cup kicks off tomorrow. Close to 90 teams are expected to let it all hang out over the coming weeks as clubs vie to be named the best in Barbados.


Competing across Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17 age groups, a mixture of well-established and fledgling teams will all be going after last year's winners.


After hosting a successful tournament in 2017 that saw Pro Shottas winning Under-9, Kick Start winning Under-11, the National Sports Council Blenheim Ballers winning Under-13, Whitehall winning Under-15 and Pro Shottas winning Under-17, the BFA has taken a bold decision to change up the format. Clubs will now be competing across two tiers. Tier 1 will see the top performers in last year's the Guardian Group Youth Football Tournament going at in a style similar to the UEFA Champions League. All others will reside in Tier 2 in the hopes of performances that would merit them a position in the top tier next year.


The competition will last about eight week and culminate with the semi-finals and finals at the end of March in each age group.


Tier 1 fixtures for tomorrow are as follows:


Under-9 Venue: Barclays

8:30 AM – Pro Shottas VS Launfal

9:30 AM – Kick Start VS Mavericks

10:30 AM – West Coast VS Paradise

11:30 AM – Brittons Hill VS King's Park Rangers


Under-11 Venue: Barclays

8:30 AM – Kick Start VS Wildey Sports Academy

9:30 AM – Pinelands VS King's Park Rangers

10:30 AM – Pro Shottas VS All Stars

11:30 AM – Paradise VS Barbados Soccer Academy


Under-13 Venue Parkinson

8:30 AM – Notre Dame VS Brittons Hill

9:40 AM – Pinelands VS Pro Shottas

10:50 AM – Barbados Youth Service VS Kick Start

12:00 PM – National Sports Council Blenheim Ballers VS Barbados Soccer Academy


Under-15 Venue: Parkinson

8:30 AM – Mavericks VS Kick Start

10:00 AM – Pro Shottas VS Paradise

11:30 AM – Pinelands VS NSC Blenheim Ballers

1:00 PM – Compton VS Barbados Soccer Academy


Under-17 Venue: Barbados Community College

8:30 AM – Pro Shottas VS Pinelands

10:30 AM – Paradise VS Pride of Gall Hill

12:30 PM – Kick Start VS Mavericks

2:30 PM – Barbados Youth Service VS Whitehall



Teams in Tier 1



Zone A: Pro Shottas, Launfal, West Coast Youth, Paradise

ZoneB: Kick Start Hot Shots, Mavericks, Brittons Hill, King's Park Rangers



Zone A: Pro Shottas, All Stars Elite Academy, Kick Start, Wildey Sports Academy

Zone B: Pinelands, King's Park Rangers, Paradise, Barbados Soccer Academy



Zone A: National Sports Council Blenheim Ballers, Barbados Soccer Academy, Barbados Youth Service, Kick Start

Zone B: Pinelands Academy, Pro Shottas, Notre Dame, Brittons Hill



Zone A: Mavericks, Kick Start, Pinelands, National Sports Council

Zone B: Pro Shottas, Paradise, Compton, Barbados Soccer Academy



Zone A: Pro Shottas, Pinelands, Kick Start, Mavericks

Zone B: Paradise, Pride of Gall Hill, Cosmos, Barbados Youth Service



Teams in Tier 2



Whitehall FC, United Stars Alliance, Kick Start Sparks, Empire, Kick Start Suns, Youth Milan



Zone A: Barbados Youth Service, Mavericks, Launfal, Eastern United

Zone B: Fitts Village West Coast, Ellerton, Empire, Pro Shottas



Zone A: Fitts Village West Coast, King's Park Rangers, Mavericks, Wildey Sports Academy, Pride of Gall Hill, All Stars Elite Academy

Zone B: Paradise, Home Improvement Hardware Compton, United Stars Alliance, Whitehall FC, Eastern United, Pro Shottas



Zone A: Wildey Sports Academy, Cosmos, Weymouth Wales, All Stars Elite Academy, Ellerton Youth, Deacons, Notre Dame

Zone B: National Sports Council Blenheim Ballers, Brittons Hill, Home Improvement Hardware Compton, United Stars Alliance, Bydes Mill, Pride of Gall Hill, Pro Shottas



Zone A: Fitts Village, Whitehall, Brittons Hill, Deacons

Zone B: Barbados Soccer Academy, Weymouth Wales, Checker Hall

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