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Tridents Forging Ahead

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Head Coach Russell Latapy is not making any excuses for the Bajan Tridents 8-1 defeat by the Bermudan Gombey Warriors last weekend, but he remains focused on moving forward and looking toward the future.

The Tridents were able to pull back a consolation goal in the 46th minute but the performance was not enough to make it out of the Preliminary Round of the Concacaf Gold Cup at the DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, Miami.

Latapy said he shouldered the responsibility of the poor performance but noted it took three flights on three separate days for the team to arrive ahead of its biggest tournament, and he felt that contributed to a breakdown.

“I know for us to progress we all have to work together, not only the players and coaches but the entire football fraternity. The whole arrangement in getting here and not being able to train properly affected us in a great way. There was a delayed start at the beginning of the game, and there was a situation about the time we had to warm up and get the players ready. I think that was evident when we lost a goal in the first 17 seconds,” he said.

He added the team was unable to convert from set-pieces which was not the norm, and while stressing it was a difficult time for the team, he said he was not making excuses.

However, the midfield wizard noted one bad result did not erase all the good they had accomplished, the same way a single good result did not erase the bad.

Since his arrival to the BFA, Latapy has led the Tridents to a League B promotion in the Concacaf Nations League and boasts five wins, six losses, and two draws to date.

“It is still my belief that we are moving in the right direction and like everything else in life, sometimes you get knocked back and you must sit and rethink it, then move forward with fresh strategies. I believe in a lot of things we have done in the past to get us to this point. We will continue to work and do the best we can to leave the game in a better place than we found it,” he pledged.

While he noted football was a game of passion and acknowledged the hurt felt over the result, Latapy once again called on the general public to support the Tridents in their quest moving forward.

“I know football is a game of passion and emotions, and I know when things are not going well, everybody feels they have a right to comment on it without supporting it to make it better. My view has always been that this is not a game, especially at this level, where only the BFA has to produce to do well. The reality is we need the support of the entire public,” the head coach said.

The Tridents now turn their attention to preparing for the Concacaf Nations League in March 2022 and formulating a four-year plan ahead of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. 

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