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BFA's Executive Mentorship Program Restarts

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The Barbados Football Association (BFA) restarted its Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) last weekend, with its first face-to-face workshop since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last March.

The program was initially launched in the summer of 2019 by Concacaf’s president, Victor Montagliani, to assist Member Associations as they modernized their governance, with a focus on Leadership and Governance, Administration, and Strategic Planning.

Over the weekend, the workshop, hosted by Concacaf at the BFA’s new auditorium in Wildey, focused on clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the Association, its members, and the Executive Board, with presentations from the Director of Member Associations Affairs North & Central America, Horace Reid, and One Concacaf & Caribbean Projects Senior Manager, Howard McIntosh. Participants included members of the Executive Board and two senior managers. 

Recently elected Executive Member of the Board, Clifford Gooding Edghill said: “The course was a great onboarding exercise for me as a new member to the Board. It helped to educate me about the governance structure of the BFA, influenced by the model designed and recommended by Concacaf. A lot of emphasis was placed on sharing best practices of good governance, leadership, and roles and responsibilities. The section on the roles and responsibilities was one of the most interesting and eye-opening of the workshop and was able to clarify some misconceptions I as an outsider would have had as it relates to the Council and the Standing Committees. I believe I am in a better position to assist the BFA to advance the goals of the organization as laid in the Strategic Plan, to move the sport forward”.

Assistant Treasurer Lisa Bannister, who has been a part of the Board for the last year, described the workshop as a “beneficial eye-opener”.

“We touched on Good Governance, Leadership and the Separation of Powers, Financial Planning, and Risk Management. I think these are critical areas for the Executive to function properly, and for everyone to be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities. As a new person coming on, sometimes you are not clear what your role would be. My overall taking from the entire workshop would be the BFA needs to go forward into the 21st century as a business, with a focus on streamlining the statutes and being self-sufficient. The funding that we receive is putting us on this path, in terms of investing in capital projects, as we move away from a dated way of doing things,” she said.

McIntosh said they were pleased to resume the delivery of the Executive Mentorship Program after it was suspended in early 2020 as a result of the COVID pandemic, which he said had crippled or negatively impacted football globally.

“As our members are getting their various activities and operations going again, we believe that it is very necessary to restart the EMP. The workshop was staged at the very impressive Barbados Football Association headquarters and went very well. The members of the Board were very engaged, and discussions on the various topics were indeed robust. We are confident that the BFA’s Board is committed to the principles of good governance,” he said. 

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